Wife allegedly kills husband, cuts body into pieces - Hindustan Times

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No one will raise any Voice for such Barbaric act of a Wife in India.Many such Husband Killers moving freely in Society without any fear.

Wife allegedly kills husband, cuts body into pieces - Hindustan Times

A woman in Jharkhand’s Giridih district allegedly killed her husband, chopped the body into pieces, packed it in a sack and kept it in their house for three days.

The murder took place in the Bagodar area, around 200km from state capital Ranchi, on December 30.

Dhaneshwari Devi, a homemaker, conspired with her brother and two friends to kill Prasadi Pandit, the police said. The deceased was a daily wage labourer.

A case of murder has been registered against Dhaneshwari, her brother, Kanshi Pandit, and friends Aitwari and Khemlal Mahto.

Dhaneshwari, 32, and Prasadi, 38, were in strained relationship since they tied the knot five years ago.

Family members of the woman have reportedly defended her action, claiming she was subjected to regular torture and harassment by Prasadi.

The crime came to light on Thursday night after Dhaneshwari and her brother sought an auto driver’s help to dispose of the body.

The driver refused and informed the police, who took the body in possession and sent it for autopsy at Giridih sadar hospital on Friday.

“The crime was committed on the evening of December 30”, said Giridih superintendent of police Kranti Kumar Gadidesi, adding the police are investigating the case.

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  • on 26 February, 2014 02:58:25 AM
    A woman can do no wrong. Is this less barbaric than the Delhi rape...? Feel sorry for the men of India.
  • on 01 March, 2014 05:08:49 AM
    Sonia tene kya kia
    Desh ka beda duba diya