Forum for abused men : BHAI in Bhopal

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Forum for abused men : BHAI in Bhopal

BHOPAL: Save Indian Family (SIF) is going to launch a forum for abused men fighting for their rights or protesting against police action in false dowry cases against them on Sunday under the name for Bhopal Against Injustice (BHAI).

Coordinator of this programme, Yaksh said the forum is being launched in Bhopal at Hindi Bhavan on July 20 where abused or false implicated men would raise their voices. They will be given legal assistance as well. For registrations, 09793530403 or toll free no 08882498498 can be contacted.

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  • on 25 July, 2014 05:13:00 AM

    I am posting this message on behalf of my brother who got married on 23-02-2014 @ Nagpur. There after all our family had come back to Hyderabad on 24-02-2014 & we had the reception party on 2-3-2014. There after all the things were going smoothly @ our home for few days. But slowly the situations were changing & my family (Father, Mother & Brother) got very tensed up/upset seeing the situations been created by our new family member. For almost 35-45 days my aged parents were in a deep fear & tensed due to the indirect situations & harassment been created by her. As per the tradition her brother came to Hyderabad to pick her up to Nagpur & had left the very next day. For few days all things were ok we called & also received normal courtesy calls. Suddenly after 15 days all the things got changed/reversed.My parents directly & indirectly received threatening calls from their end stating that we are not sending our daughter back & what ever you have done to our daughter is wrong. They are blaming us that we had Tortured (Mentally / Physically) & always use abusive language against their daughter, which has never happened.It is almost more than 45 days that she has not turned up & has packed all her belongings including gold(Personal & Which was given to her by my parents during marriage)

    They called us for a meeting on 25-06-14, stating that if you don't turn up the situations will be more worst for your family. We went to their place & later we were told that we cannot meet now we will meet only on the next month (After 12-07-2014). We have no idea on what type of cases they will be filing against my family & whether they have done the same.

    We indirectly receive MSG from other sources that they are going to demand heavy compensations for the separation, which my family is not in a stage to do so nor in a stage to appoint a well professional Lawyer.

    We had never asked for Dowry nor ill treated her. I kindly request you to advice on how do we come out of this situation & what kind of precautions can be taken from my family end.


    Dear Sir,

    My Family is going on a very tough situations these days after my brothers marriage , earlier i have written mail & have received reply on the same to take some prior measures. I am again writing to clarify some points as we are in a very confused state on how to tackle situations of any sort arising.

    My Brothers Inlaws are forcing us to come to their place for a meeting, for discussion about the mater & settling the same. It is almost since 4 months this issue is continuing & we had been to their place few days back (as per their force), but they denied to meet us that day & told us to come some other day which will be informed to us by them.
    Due to unfortunate reasons we were not able to go for the meeting second time as scheduled & they strictly deny to come to our place. Through known sources we come to know that they are willing calling us so that they can put pressure on us & demand for money since they do not want to continue the marriage & send their daughter, or else all my family members will be put behind bars. All of there family members are high qualified lawyers & all the time we are been threatening for legal action against us.

    On The above, I would like to know
    1) What kind of false cases can be filed against us (Pls note we have never demanded for Dowry)
    2) Can we get a anticipatory bail & how do we apply for the same.
    3) Once if bail is taken, is my family safe from all the false cases put up them under any section.
    4) In case if we deny to meet them at any given point, what kind of action can they take against us.
    Need Help & Kindly suggest us.

  • on 23 September, 2016 17:32:58 PM
    hello sir plz. help me mai bhut pareshn hu mujh par 498A & 125 case laga hai last 15 ki wajha se mai be_rozgar ho gaya hu or 60000 ka karzdar ho gaya hu mere pass koi kaam nahi hai mere sasural wale bhut pareshaan karte hai mere dil mai aata hai ki mai susite karlu mere 2 masoom bacche hai bus unki khatir ruk jata hu. plz help me aap ka mobile no or address mujhe send kar de mai aapse milna chata hu.mera no 8602326365 hai.Allah pak aap ko jazaye kher ata farmai