Stop Abuse of Boys: WCD proposal to amend Juvenile Age is malicious

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Save Family Foundation and their associated organizations had cautioned about the loop hole in anti-rape law, where the consented relationship had been converted to rape cases and increased the rape statistic in police record. At a time when various court asked:  “Tougher rape law leading to increase in false cases?”

When Gujrat CM termed the poor uneducated boys as Rejected maal , as a WCD minister she had preferred to keep her silence , proved beyond reasonable dought, she had no concern for child in the form of boys in this country and totally doing injustice to lacks of Homeless Child's of India.

Unfortunately the same facts and figures could not get into public and before that came another burning issue pertaining to Juvenile crime.

Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi advocating treating juveniles accused of heinous crimes like rape on par with adult offenders.

She said according to the police, 50 per cent of all sexual crimes were committed by "16-year-olds who know the Juvenile Justice Act so they can do it." But now for premeditated murder, rape, if we bring them into the purview of the adult world, then it will scare them.

We have already filed so many objections stating the facts and figures of gross misuse and utter neglect of the WCD ministry in addressing them. However, when it has become eminent to the world that that the sections of law which were formulated for the protection of women have been grossly misused, the WCD has got no options to turmoil the brains of society addressing with new agenda and in short “ABUSE OF BOYS”.

WCD minister came out with a proposal by citing a totally malicious, unclean hand, hiding the real fact of statistics without applying any fair thought, behind such statistics. Does WCD unaware that any consented relationship with a girl’s vs Boys aged below 18 years , by default the boy had termed as rapist and the same added in rape cases statistics ?

We would bring to notice of WCD : When any girl or women have any physical relationship with a boy aged less than 18years, do you term the same as rape?

If the answer is no, then why a Boy had been termed as rapist by you, when he had any physical relationship with any girl aged less than 18 years?

WCD citing the report of Police that more than 40 % cases boys are involved, without any court order, how can she term all cases as true? Why she ignored the same police report when it had says more than 90% cases are mutual consent only, which latter converted to rape?

Instead of dealing with the figures of misuse and work on it, they are preparing another platform of misuse. This can be clarified with the simple example.

A boy and a girl fall in love in a co-ed school. They had some intimate sharing with the consent of each other.  Later the girl’s parents file a rape case on the boy. This innocent who has no count of IPC and CrPC is rigorously punished. Is it justified? Even when the police figures clarify the same as 90% of cases of juvenile rape are actually a consented sex, Maneka Gandhi is hurried to get Juvenile law amended.

So, the formula used by all radical groups along with WCD, first create a loop-sided Rape LAW by which massive false/fabricated cases can be filed to increase the stastics crime against women and then again demand to amend further law saying crime is increasing, crime is increasing.

The cycle continues and the crime against women never gets reduced and their demand/funds never get stopped.

We have severe objections and lay it down as below:

  • If Juvenile Law can be changed, change age for passport, driving license and bank account, etc. If a child can be termed as adult, as he has committed a crime which he doesn’t know, then in general a juvenile can be termed adult for all these.
  • If juvenile can be termed adult, why shall he not given voting rights at early age.
  • Age for consensual sex, drinking, etc to be reduced.
  • Age for marriage and conceiving is to be reduced as the juvenile is matured enough.
  • There have been numerous cases where boys have been used as a toy for pleasure by some nymphomaniac, however no such protection of child exists. Such acts should also be considered heinous and such women termed rapist.
  • WCD ministry has failed to curb the menace of child labour which has risen by 6% in a year for boys and is at its Apex, but is ready to turn a juvenile an adult bypassing all the biology doctors’ study for years. This clearly indicates their soiled intentions and unclean hands towards ABUSE OF BOYS.
  • Before implementing the amendment, it must be ensured that juveniles know all the 511 sections of IPC and 484 sections of CrPC, which Meneka Gandhi assumes that a juvenile has knowledge before committing such a heinous crime.

With all the above, it is quite eminent that the WCD ministry is not capable of handling child issues in a gender balanced thought process and thus the Women and Child Development shall break into two different entities.

The Supreme Court and various high courts have often stressed on the need to check the rampant misuse of such gender biased laws, basis this Maneka Gandhi has come up with new solutions of breaking families and promoting misuse and targeting boys only with hiding the real fact to hide their own failure to provide a safe, healthy education to poor Childs.

In a country the Child labour is banned, but every year 6% increase of boys in child labour, but WCD had not taken any corrective action, on the other hand the Sex between girls vs Boys below 18 years not banned, but WCD want to term boys rapist for a consented sex also.

Save Family Foundation, along with all their associated NGO all over India, once again demand to Prime minister to immediately stop such malicious act by WCD by separating the Child ministry from present set up as they had no concern for poor, uneducated boys or we should be ready to pay a heavy price as such step will increase only henoious crime in society, as we witness earlier also.

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  • on 15 July, 2014 05:13:14 AM
    It is a shame that the WCD ministry is creating hatred and a system of killing boys. It is unimaginable that a ministry wants to kill our boys under false cases...extremely outrageous.