Power to issue Arrest warrant to NCW is like Sabotage of Natural Justice System

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Date: 27th June 2014


Shrimati Maneka Sanjay Gandhi,

Hon’ble Minister of Women and Child Development,

6th Floor, A Wing, Shastri Bhawan,

New Delhi-110 001, Bharat.

SUBJECT: India strongly opposes the Commission for Women (Amendment) Bill, 2000

Respected Ma’am,

Save Family Foundation is part of the Save Indian Family Movement which has been working on the social cause of promoting family and marital harmony since 2005. The movement is 40+ NGOs strong which are non-funded, non-profit and absolutely non-commercial. The movement has helped over 20 crores Indians in past 10 years by providing community help to them. The movement focuses primarily on Men Suicide in India because of distress caused by Misuse of various Gender Based Laws. A
disturbed Man or loss of a son/brother/father/husband effects the complete family and devastates them.

With this letter we wish to strongly object and oppose the Amendments suggested by National Commission of Women (NCW) vide The Commission for Women (Amendment) Bill, 2000. With the said amendments, NCW has proposed to acquire powers of a Civil Court of India for matters related to Crime Against Women.

We hereby wish to bring to your kind notice on how is such a proposal is unconstitutional and grossly wrong:

1. Mandate of NCW includes Investigate and examine all matters relating to the safeguards
provided for women under the Constitution and other laws.

This means, that mandate of NCW is ONLY for Women and thus a body which is mandated to protect interest of only one part of a family/society (generally overriding the interest of Children, Senior Citizens and Men) cannot even be considered for such an amendment.

2. Wish to state experts from Speech on ‘Duties and Responsibilities of Judicial Officers’ by Hon’ble Chief Justice of Madras. The Hon’ble Chief Justice said, “As a Judicial Officer, you have to play multifaceted roles. On the judicial side, you interpret the law, assess the evidence presented before you and control how hearings and trials are to be conducted in the court. In our adversarial system of justice, we must ensure that the evidence on both sides are fully presented and that both sides are fully heard. Then you have to provide an independent and impartial assessment of facts and apply the law to those facts.”
When, Judicial officers have duty to be impartial, can a body like NCW be ever be trusted for duty of any court, when it’s mandate itself is for protecting the interest of Women and NOT Citizens.

3. We hereby also wish to show you the reality of our apprehension based on official reply from the West Bengal Women’s Commission to a complaint filed by a senior citizen mother against harassment done to her by her Daughter in Law. Can NCW thus be entrusted with such an unbiased role?

4. With such an amendment, NCW, has questioned the very need of having courts in India. This amendment is in reality questioning the sheer ability of our Hon’ble Courts by proposal of taking matter in their own hands. Thus, such a proposal is a big threat to the existence of the Constitution itself and hence needs to be struck down with directions to NCW to first become impartial and atleast treat Wife & Mother-in-Laws/Sister-in-Laws, all as Women.

5. As it is, India under influence and push of one-sided data consideration, has made 49 laws which are Gender Biased (defying the section 15 of constitution of India). By a proposal to give powers of a Civil Court to NCW, it would further infringe the fundamental rights on Men, Children and Senior citizens. Empowerment must not be provided by infringing rights of others.

Thus, vide this letter, we wish to pray to you:

1. No.21. The National Commission for Women Act, 1990 must be rejected at very proposal stage.

2. National Commission of Women must be strongly directed to adhere to their constitutional mandate and not to differ between Women themselves. Else, they should be renamed to “National Commission for Wives” instead.

Requesting your immediate support and directions on the above listed requests.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Swarup Sarkar  (Founder Member)

Wasif Ali      (Treasurer)

Amit Lakhani    (Event Coordinator)

Ritwik Bisaria  (PR Manager)

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  • on 07 July, 2014 17:14:49 PM
    I completely agree to the request made by Mr. Sarkar, Mr. Ali, Mr. Lakhani and Mr. Bisaria. When we have courts for all types pf matters and at all levels, giving a onesided organisaton the status of a court will add to the perils and turmoils that are being faced by the wictims of misuse of the law i.e. innocent men who are falsely framed in various protection to women law related cases.
  • on 08 July, 2014 10:18:42 AM
    Law should be amended to give the capital punishment for those women who is misusing.

    They should be hanged, it is to be treated in par with the rape.
  • on 08 July, 2014 17:21:59 PM
    Thank you for posting this!

  • on 08 September, 2014 09:16:50 AM
    Mis-use of laws against men are favorite weapons of ill-minded women in society and they arranges Personal, social and physical Punishment/Harrasment (by police etc.)

    It must be transparent policy for both, if you are supporting a woman by making a Man punished without hearing his arguments logics proofs etc.. Do we really able to say a social balance law in society.