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Dear Members,

As all of you are aware that SIF's First Magazine released on 10th march, 2014 and the same also available in various website:

With our limited resources, we had able to lunch the Free Single line Help Line SIF-One (0-8882-498-498) and Free Legal Seminars to Place like Delhi, Indoor, and Printing of Stickers, Press Conferences, to take the SIF movement in next level. But we have to reach more and more People who are silently suffering at various part of India and some of them ending their life or surrendering in front of Legal Terrorism without any fight.

We are now ready to start our work again to Publish Volume 2 and it will be released on the eve of Our Agra National Meet on 14th August, 2014. Request all members to try their best to make it grand success and use the same as awareness campaign to your society to stop abuse of men.

Activity for Save Family Magazine (Volume 2).

  1. Distribution of Sponsorship Letter to your entire known company CSR department.
  2. Distribution of Sponsorship Letter to your entire known Shops/Small .Email Team to send the Covering Letter - SFF Souvenir_Volume 2.pdf - Google Drive to maximum Company.
  3. Company/Political parities/MP/MLA.
  4. Submit your  of article : ( 500 to 2000 words)
  5. Submit of Photos of Your area weekly meetings details. ( 200 to 300Words)
  6. Any other activity you feel can lead to more awareness.

Articles to be about Men, For Men, Of Men. Some Positive story, Men's Health, Men's Fashion, Men's Life, Misandry, Society with men, Poems etc. etc. Language of Articles to be English or Hindi. ( Preferably less than 2000 Words)

The Sponsorship Document is available here:

Covering Letter - SFF Souvenir_Volume 2.pdf - Google Drive

All of you are requested to reach out to all of your known Corporate/Shop/Small Company/MP/MLA/Media Houses, Contacts and get sponsorships & Advertisements for Save Family Magazine. At least this will make some awareness among them also.

Pull up your socks and do it. No need of training just read the document and talks to corporate. If required, we would be there for assistance as much as we can to generate the massive awareness and get Sponsorship.

P.S. All Sponsorship will get Tax benefit under Income Tax act 80G.

Contact Mail Id: contactsavefamily (at) gmail(dot)con

The Sponsorship Document is available here for your ready reference:

Covering Letter - SFF Souvenir_Volume 2.pdf - Google Drive


  •  Save Indian Family Movement is conglomerate of about 50 NGOs across India and is working for Saving Families since 2005.
  •  Save Indian Family is connected to over 10 Lakh people with over 7 Lakh of these people in Metro cities and hence with visibility on this souvenir will make you visible to this captive database.
  •  For Sponsorship / Ads worth about 25000, 80G certificate for tax benefit would be provided.
  •  Save Indian Family Movement will be publishing this Magazine as E-Book too which would be sent to various Channels and across Social Media and all our Members.
  •  This Souvenir will be sent to various Ministries, government and college libraries, our NGO offices, Media Houses and all our members.
  •  This Souvenir would also be published to our International Channels and hence globally people would be aware about you.
  •  Locally we run groups of over 40,000 members only in Delhi & over 30,000 members in Kolkata itself, hence your presence would be focused marketing to the ACTUAL END Customer or buyers.
  •  This Sponsorship / Ad would just not help you from Marketing perspective but also from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) perspective.
  • By every Rupee spent here, you would be supporting and helping stop over 65000 Husband suicides in India.

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