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Many people are taking about ideology today. They run company instead of social NGO & must know that ideology can't be for own personnel interest.

For example: (Typical ideology some people tried to impose on us)

Till the time their case was not settled, they told every member do not settle the cases.
When they settled their cases at 7L, they made benchmark for all members settlement for 5L is OK.

When they dont want to remarry, so all members should be asked to stop re-marry.
If you can't take risk of taking back wife or there is no chance of taking back your wife (e.g. Husband has already expired), so all should avoid any reconciliation with wife to resolve the problem.

If they have stopped giving free advice, so all members also should stop giving free advice.
If they have started a company instead of NGO, the social movement should follow as per company rules and regulations.

Once we proposed, let make a benchmarking for members like if any case settle less then one's 6 months income, it should be termed as victory, but the same was rejected right way, as their own case was not settled.

The above is not ideology, it is called change as per your self-interest.

SIF advice you all caution and risk of your decision and the decision is yours, if tomorrow some thing happen it will be you have to face the music, no third person. SIF gives you the success and failure examples, so that you can co-relate your own case and decide.

SIF respect your individual decision irrespective of any situation , that is called ideology.

A moderator of SIF

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